Streamline Genomics brings on health care entrepreneur Curtis Duggan as new CEO

MONTRÉAL, QC — Streamline Genomics is pleased to announce that effective December 5, 2020, Curtis Duggan has been appointed as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

Curtis brings a wealth of relevant expertise to this role, having co-founded and led Blue Mesa Health Inc. as CEO to a successful acquisition by Virgin Pulse. His expertise includes go-to-market strategy, venture financing, digital health, enterprise sales in global markets and venture scaling. Curtis is an experienced strategist with an understanding of how to build and manage diverse and distributed teams.

In his previous role, Curtis was at the forefront of pioneering digital preventive medicine as a covered benefit. Blue Mesa Health developed one of the first CDC-recognized type 2 diabetes prevention programs to be offered via a fully remote delivery model and outcomes-based fee model. Curtis brings experience identifying market opportunities and structuring deals in the payer, hospital, and pharmaceutical industries which will help drive Streamline Genomics growth and positioning in 2021 and beyond.

“I am thrilled to be joining the team at Streamline Genomics at this exciting time in their growth. I am grateful to have been part of the digital health revolution that has kicked off in Canada, the USA, and globally — especially in the past five years,” said Curtis Duggan. “This year more than ever — across the world — we are continuing to understand the importance and the immense potential of the life sciences industry and the software industry to solve major challenges. As the process of sequencing a human genome becomes more and more inexpensive, the next natural frontier has emerged: democratization of the tools that will help clinicians and researchers make sense of, disseminate, trust, validate and act on the signal that lies within the noise of human genomic data.”

The appointment of Curtis Duggan follows Dr. Josette-Renée Landry’s ongoing successes to-date in founding Streamline Genomics, and building out its core technology, team, and key partnerships in the thriving Montréal life sciences commercial and academic ecosystem.

“It has been an incredible journey launching Streamline Genomics,” said Dr. Landry. “Streamline today is positioned with a core platform, deep scientific domain expertise, and the ability to bring vast efficiencies to the difficult problem of streamlining the bioinformatics pipeline and clinician experience of generating relevant, actionable insights for genomic information. I remain active with Streamline Genomics as the Board Chair and President and look forward to Curtis’ bringing his leadership to bear on our future success.”

Streamline genomics is democratizing personalized medicine with a powerful platform for visualizing and collaborating with genomic datasets.